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Erdong Li

Erdong Li has performed on throughout China and the United States with the mission of promoting cultural exchange through musical celebration. He is a teacher in the United States, and tours China extensively as a part of W.E. Duo, with Weiru Sheng. The duo has an annual tour across China, frequently selling out concerts and always “giving brilliant and energetic performances.” (Kevin de Miranda, American Guitarist)

Erdong has facilitated a series of concerts that support the travel of foreign classical musicians who are seeking performance opportunities in China, as well as Chinese musicians hoping to come to the United States. His current projects involving international guitar festivals include the Columbus State University Guitar Symposium and the Altamira Guitar Festival in Wenzhou, China.

Erdong’s teaching style is influenced by two world-renowned guitar studios. He received a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar from the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. At the same time, he actively performed on electric guitar in a rock band throughout the region. Erdong then traveled across the pacific to study in the studio of American virtuoso Andrew Zohn, and received a master’s degree at the Schwob School of Music in Columbus, Georgia. The combination of influences from the two cultures results in a truly special approach to music that allows students to develop brilliant sound, solid musical skills, and abundant creativity.

Erdong currently teaches at Columbus State University, and he is the vice-chairman in the Wenzhou Guitar Association (China).

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