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Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet

Quaternaglia - Chrystian Dozza, Fabio Ramazzina, Thiago Abdalla and Sidney Molina - is known both for its artistic excellence and for its significant contributions to the expansion of the guitar quartet repertoire. Over the past twenty years, the ensemble has established a broad canon of original pieces and arrangements through partnerships with composers including Leo Brouwer, Almeida Prado, Egberto Gismonti, and Paulo Bellinati. 

The quartet first attracted the attention of international critics when it was awarded the "Ensemble Prize" at the International Guitar Contest of Havana in 1998. Since then, the group has regularly performed in various notable guitar and chamber series in the United States and the world. The Los Angeles Times wrote the following on the group's California debut: "an aura of purity pervaded the concert of the Brazilian guitar quartet…[it] met all the requirements with equanimity and intelligence." 

Quaternaglia's discography includes the albums Quaternaglia, Antique, Forrobodó, Presença, Estampas, Jequibau, Xangô and most recently, Four, as well as the DVD Quaternaglia, recorded live. As part of the celebration of the group's twentieth anniversary, in 2012, Quaternaglia performed as soloist with Sinfônica Heliópolis conducted by Isaac Karabtchevsky. 

The quartet has performed in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Lisbon, Porto, Buenos Aires and in more than fifteen Brazilian states. Quaternaglia has also conducted masterclasses and lectures in various institutions including Yale University, Jacobs School of Music (Indiana University at Bloomington) and the Coimbra Conservatory. In 2013, the group performed Concerto Itálico by Leo Brouwer conducted by the composer himself at the Havana National Theater (Cuba). 

In 2013, Quaternaglia participated in the celebration of "The Year of Brazil in Portugal" and performed the Concerto Italico, by Leo Brouwer, conducted by the composer himself in the Havana National Theater. In the following year, the group debuted in Australia at the Woodend Winter Arts Festival. 

The musicians of Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet use four guitars custom-made by renowned Brazilian luthier Sérgio Abreu.


"Quaternaglia, which plays with such precision and perfect communication that it is as if the individual members have strands of nerve tissue in common, connecting them to a single central nervous system."

-Randy Morse (The Best of Brazil, USA)

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