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Randall Avers

"A magician of the guitar"  - cahiers de la guitare 

"etherial...incredible technique...I anticipate his discovery by the concert world with impatience."

Sierra Vista Herald

"Randall Avers interprets as Frank Lloyd Wright designed. His performances consist of clear lines meant to work with the composer, not dominate him…. With long term musical ideas and a remarkable dynamic range, Avers deserves more than a cursory listen."

Andrew Hull, Guitarra Magazine

"Magic…unusual depth and versatility..."

- Tunisia News, Tunisia

"Man in the Moon" is a heartfelt tribute to the seminal music of Ralph Towner.... (it) is an incomparable tribute, one that will further solidify Towner's immense musical legacy...
James Scott,

Randall Avers is a graduate of the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, the Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP), Norges Musikkhøyskole of Norway and the University of Arizona.  His reputation as an artist was established in his late teens after winning awards in international guitar competitions such as the Guitar Foundation of America Competition (U.S.), Yamaha France, and the René Bartoli International Guitar Competition (France).

For over two decades, Randall has been invited to perform and teach in universities and music conservatories throughout the United States and Europe. In 2010, he embarked on a
two-year project supported by the Norwegian Department of Culture to research the compositional and improvisational style of ECM recording artist Ralph Towner. With the blessing of Ralph Towner, Avers released a tribute album that included the recording premiere of Towner’s Maddalena Variations. Avers discography as a solo artist includes: Vistas, music of the Americas, Puerto Viejo, music of Spain, and the Towner tribute Man in the Moon.


Randall Avers is the recipient of the Norwegian “kunstnerstipend”, a government grant that allows artists to pursue diverse and innovative arts activities. These grants from Arts Council Norway, are awarded on the basis of artistic quality and activity. Randall also toured North Africa/Egypt as an American Cultural Ambassador.

Randall Avers also performs with Benoît Albert in the guitar duo Les Frères Méduses. 

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